Given Mashikinya recovers from Covid-19

Bloemfontein Celtic have announced that midfielder Given Mashikinya has fully recovered from Covid-19.

“I recently tested positive for Covid-19 and they put me in isolation for 14 days. Mine was a bit different because I had no symptoms, so in simple terms, I was not sick,” said Mashikinya on the club’s official Twitter account.

“I had to do the protocol and be quarantined for 14 days. I’d like to urge everyone to wash their hands on a daily basis for 20 seconds, wear your masks, use your sanitizers and, if you can, use your gloves, and stay at home.

“I would like to thank the family of Siwelele. I want to thank my family. I want to thank everybody that prayed for me, and everybody that supported me and sent me messages. Most of all, I want to thank God for being there every second, minute and hour.

“I came back to work, I feel fresh and, like I said, I had no symptoms so I can’t say I’ve recovered because I was not sick. So thank you for everything.”

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