Mo Salah: How long should you wait for something you want?

As football superstar Mo Salah prepares to lift the trophy for his team’s first league title in thirty years, we hear how he believes patience is the greatest virtue.

Salah and his teammates were on the brink of glory when the global pandemic hit, halting football around the world and casting doubt over whether the season would be completed.

Having played a pivotal role in the title run, Salah continued to work hard and maintain focus during the break and came back strong, helping his team secure the long-awaited trophy.

The episode below is part of adidas’ READY FOR SPORT: THE SERIES, marking the world’s return to the game by speaking with some of the greatest athletes as they compete on the world’s stage once again.

Mo Salah says:

“How long should you wait for something you want?

For me, patience has always been the greatest virtue.

We strive to be patient in all things.

Especially when it is tested.

My new home has been patient for thirty years.

And I know they would have waited as long as it takes.

Patience always receives the best award.

And finally, we don’t have to wait any more.”

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