Luc Eymael fired by Young Africans after calling club’s fans “monkeys and dogs”

Tanzanian side Young Africans SC have sacked coach Luc Eymael with immediate effect for calling the club’s fans “monkeys and dogs”.

“My brother this place is not for me, playing in such pitches so bad pitches of a level of seventh or eighth division in Europe is not for me. I am not enjoying your country [Tanzania], you are uneducated people. I don’t have a car, what is that? I do not have Wifi and I do not have the DStv. No! No! No! The fans can only shout and are like monkeys who are barking,” Eymael told local journalists.


Young Africans SC issued a statement on Monday, 27 July after the Belgian football manager’s racists and discriminatory comments.


“The Yanga Club leadership is saddened by the rude and discriminatory statements made by its coach Luc Eymael and spread on social media.

“Some of those statements by coach Luc Eymael (include) accusing the fans that they have no education‚ the people in this country are stupid‚ the fans do not know football their job is to shout like monkeys and ducks‚ club leaders are zero and the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) exists only for Lions.

“Due to these racist statements‚ the Yanga Club leadership has decided to fire coach Luc Eymael from today (27 July 2020) and ensure he leaves the country as soon as possible. Yanga Africans management also apologised to the country’s leadership and the public.

“Yanga leadership apologises to the country’s leaders‚ the leadership of the Tanzania Football Federation‚ Lions Club leaders‚ members‚ fans and fans of Yanga‚ as well as the general public for the offensive and insulting statements made by the coach Luc Eymael.

“Yanga Club values ​​and believes in the principles of discipline and dignity‚ and opposes any form of Discrimination.”

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