Nike launch Galatasaray 20/21 Home and Away Shirts

Galatasaray revealed their new 2020/21 home and away shirts from Nike Football.

The interior form design brings a breath of fresh air to the classic piece of Galatasaray.

The segmented line where yellow and red meet, represents the flame of Galatasaray fans meeting with the team. The design aims to reflect the passion and fire of the fan.

The outer form continues to be inspired by fire contact. The design, inspired by the torch that the fan burns in the dark, contains the sparks of the fire.

For the first time, the Galatasaray logo is placed on top of the jersey with the coat of arms designed in black monochrome.

The home jersey is used with red or black shorts. Yellow red socks are added to this. The outer form is complemented by black shorts and black socks.

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