S.S. Lazio 20/21 Macron Home and Third Shirts revealed

Societa Sportiva Lazio and Macron present the new home and third shirts that the Biancocelesti will wear in the 2020/21 season.

The home kit will be worn by Simone Inzaghi’s men during the game against Brescia tonight at the Olympic stadium while the third jersey will be worn on the last day of the championship in Naples.

The new “home” is in the classic light blue with a sublimation print graphic with a striped finish that crosses the upper part of the front shirt. The collar is a polo shirt in white-blue knitwear, as are the sleeve edges in knitwear.

The back-neck is personalized with the club logo on a navy blue background and the motto WE LOVE IT … AND FOR YOU WE FIGHT. S.S.LAZIO is printed on the back under the collar. On the chest, on the right, in blue and in silicone print, the Macron Hero, the logo of the Italian brand, on the left, heart side, the emblem of the S.S.Lazio.

The shorts are white with light blue details and with flat drawstrings in navy blue with white-blue tips. The socks are white with fine light blue horizontal stripes and light blue top edge.

In front of the Macron Hero, the inscription S.S.LAZIO on the calf. The fit is Slim, the main fabric is Softlock and the presence of micromesh inserts makes the garment lighter and more breathable.

The new “third” shirt takes up the home design but on a navy blue background with sublimation print graphics with a light blue striped cross that crosses the top and front of the shirt.

The shorts are navy blue (there is also the option with light blue shorts) with flat drawstrings in navy blue with light blue tips. The socks are navy blue with a blue horizontal line in the center.

Again the fit is Slim Fit with the main Softlock fabric. As regards the goalkeepers’ race kits, the colour choices went to orange, black and blue fluorescent sky. The uniforms are characterized by a design composed of a series of oblique black lines intersected in the lower part of the shirt.

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