Introducing the Baiteze Squad signature Furon and Tekela

New Balance has teamed up with Baiteze Football Club to create a set of unique signature designs for the grassroots teams.

Both the Furon and Tekela was made completely from scratch with having all the Baiteze Boys ideas that representing the Baiteze Family on the boot! Both boots have different meanings from the growth of Baiteze coming from the ground up.

Inspired by their community, Baiteze’s signature Concrete Jungle Furon is packed with custom details including club crest, matchday chants, bespoke Baiteze tag, and a soleplate revealing a map of East London boroughs.

The Baiteze Squad Tekela is a nod to the squad’s online community and the platforms that allow them to showcase their personality to a global audience “Baiteze” is emblazoned across the boot with the popular online phrase “Like, Comment, Subscribe” also visible across the front.

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