Alexandre Lacazette receives Nike Mercurial ‘MinionzetteS’ boots

Over a pair of specific Merc Vapor XIII provided by Swithadot, the design concept circulates around Arsenal third kit colours and its tie-dyed texture.

In that manner, Swithadot went for multiple navy blue tie-dye art of their own to start with. The inside laterals include touches of pink in form of “Trust the Process” typo, while the heels include two personal ID’s.

The jewels of the design – Laca’s [Alexandre Lacazette] two famous goal celebrations, transformed into his favourite Minions.

“He [Alexandre Lacazette] is of the best Premier League strikers and without question – the owner of two of the best goal celebrations we have ever seen! Alex, nice having you! One of the wildest designs we have ever created, this time in collaboration with the best boots supplier out there.” – Ben Warren from BW Boots UK.

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