Sundowns boss Patrice Motsepe reveals CAF presidency manifesto

Mamelodi Sundowns president Patrice Motsepe has unveiled his 10 point manifesto for the Confederation of African Football (CAF) presidency.

Official 2021 Patrice Motsepe Manifesto:

Investing in developing and growing football in each African country and building partnerships and sponsorships with the private sector and other potential partners. He said at the heart of building African football to be the best in the world, is investing in the development, growth, global competitiveness and sustainability of football in each African country.

Improving the efficiency and professionalism of CAF’s Competitions and its staff. The new CAF should contribute to improving the efficiency, administration and organisation of CAF’s competitions as well as the professionalism and productivity of its staff and will also put in place medical best practices particularly in the context of Covid-19.

Implementing and adhering to governance and auditing global best practices. Dr Motsepe said he will focus on contributing to building a respected, credible and ethical football governing association in every country in Africa and also focus on contributing to building an equally respected, credible and ethical African football governing body.

Investing in African football infrastructure. He said he was committed to ensuring that at least one quality national stadium in every country is built, where none currently exists, in accordance with FIFA’s international quality standards and also building at least 200 football pitches.

Investing in our youth and in the future of African football. This entails building youth football development facilities and infrastructure for boys and girls and promoting schools football in as many schools as possible. This is for the growth and long term success of African football.

Developing and growing women’s football.

Protecting the integrity and professionalism refereeing. Refereeing is the cornerstone of football worldwide. The integrity, independence and professionalism of referees is crucial for the credibility and success of football in Africa.

Video Assistant Referees (VAR). VAR will be implemented at all CAF senior competitions. Each Member Association participating in international and inter-regional competitions should invest in light VAR system.

Statutory Reforms. CAF will initiative discussions and consultations within 3-6 months to assess and identify the statutory reforms.

Partnerships with FIFA and other Continental governing bodies. We are committed to building a mutually respectful and beneficial relationship and partnership with FIFA and also with the other Continental Football governing bodies in the world.

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