adidas launch Ajax Amsterdam 20/21 Home Shirt

In preparation for the forthcoming new season, Ajax Amsterdam and adidas launch the home shirt for 2020/2021.

While the 2019/2020 home shirt had some black detailing, as a playful reference to the Amsterdam flag, the basic colours which make the Ajax shirt the Ajax shirt have been recalled for 2020-2021: red and white.

The home shirt features new elements on the collar, sleeves and front. The iconic red stripe in the middle of the shirt merges with a slightly raised collar in the same colour.

The sleeves have a wide stripe towards the end. This “striping” appears in the classic Ajax pattern: white/red/white. A subtle, but striking, detail is three St Andrew’s crosses embroidered onto the front of the shirt at the bottom. A stylish tribute to the city of Amsterdam.

The club’s logo is incorporated into the stripe, on a red background with the logo and three stars in white. Names and numbers on the back are in white with a red border, where a black outline contrasts with the red stripe. This printing on the back is available exclusively from Ajax sales outlets.

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