Kaizer Chiefs fans want Bobby Motaung to be fired

Fans have voted on how Kaizer Chiefs should handle Bobby Motaung’s case and most of them want the football manager to be fired by the club.

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A Kaizer Chiefs Supporters (264,358) poll has revealed that 74% of fans want Motaung to be sacked by the club. However, 26% want the football manager to be given a second chance after breaking lockdown rules.

Some fans have attempted to justify the reason why Moatung shouldn’t be fired.

Thando Zingange said: “Fired for what? He was just partying like normal people do.”

Andrew Macebele: “No, the weight of the issue at hand doesn’t warrant an expulsion, even Minister Stella Ndabeni was suspended for 3 months for breaking the same lockdown rules.”

However, some fans just want him to be sacked for breaking COVID-19 rules.

Mmaditona Mmaditona: “I think now is the time for him to step down as team manager, the suspension is not enough. Kaizer Motaung Junior must take over as a new team manager.”

Ekēēsani Phuthi-Boi FromkwaDuma-Omri said: “Kaizer Chiefs is a big public club with the most followership, so he must lead by example!! We need Kaizer Motaung Junior now. What if he contracted the virus and it passes to the team? He must be fired!”

10 thoughts on “Kaizer Chiefs fans want Bobby Motaung to be fired

  1. Instead of breaking rules by signing Players, he’d break rules by drinking alcohol, man, just step down let Junior take over owk plz.

  2. Why should he be fired? thousands of South Africans have broken the covid19 regulations even police officers, soldiers and worse ministers and MP,s but they are still working.So why Bobby?

  3. Lomntu uyisengela phantsi i kaizer chiefs. Akayihlobiphi futhi makehle esikhundleni sifuna ufalakhe thina ngoku sanele ngu Bobby . Makaxhoshwe

  4. Bobby is a human being like these politicians who are always break lockdown regulations. Stella ndabeni breaks lockdown regulations never got fired and Julius malema was at Mandela’s funeral without wearing Musk. Bobby deserve second chance

  5. It’s time the honourable manager call it a quit, in fact under his weak guidance the team and us the fans have never ever enjoy anything except few achievements and a lot and lots of disappointments and embarrassments

    Let the Chincha Guluva take up the reins once more and fix all what was tempered with with this glorious team before giving it back forever to either Junior or Jessica please! We are sick and tired of being the laughing stalk of other teams

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