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Thanks to PUMA South Africa, one lucky DISKIFANS reader is in with a chance of winning the new Mamelodi Sundowns Home Shirt.

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To be in with a chance of winning, just tell us how much you love Mamelodi Sundowns Football Club.

E-mail your answer with the subject ‘Mamelodi Sundowns’ to:

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88 thoughts on “WIN the new Mamelodi Sundowns Home Shirt

  1. I love Mamelodi Sundowns FC because is the best team with dignity and with it’s own style of play in SA and in the entire Africa.

    1. I love masadawana because it’s playing a beautiful football in Africa this team represents South Africa football in the hall world. this makes me keep on loving the boys the way are are playing.

    2. I love tshwane ya mamelodi sundowns with all of my heart. I love their style of football they play as a team n win as team, they play the best style of football better than any team here at mozanzi.. They are just born to be champions.. They represent us well at caf championships league. I love sundowns it’s almost 12 yrs now n I will never stop being sundowns Fan until I die..

  2. Mamelodi Sundowns ilove my team more than my anything more than my self more than anything else in in the ” Sundowns is a part of my heat beat shoeshine & piano

    1. I’ve been supporting this team since I was 7 years old and now I’m 20 years old. This team is playing football that I’ve never seen in the PSL era, and I love this team very much as I have been going to the stadium before this pandemic of Covid 19 singing for the boys to do well always. This team is well known for it’s shoe shine and piano and also dominating in the Caf Champions League for quite some time. I love Mamelodi Sundowns because I stay in Mamelodi ❤🔥

  3. the love i have for mamelodi sundows is amazing is in my blood,when it loose a single game i know that night i will have a sleepless night thinking too much about what had happened,it almost take me 24 hours to recover wen sundowns is lost.

  4. I love mamelodi sundowns holehearterly because it never disappoint me oftenly they do mistake once that’s why my heart is on Mamelodi sundowns each and everyday it is the best team in PSL also in Africa they fight so hard to reach semifinals every year ilove you sundowns!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I love sundwons because is the best team in south Africa and is the only team that play the shoe shine and piano it’s the only team that I love in psl I will keep on supporting the yellow team no matter what #kby

  6. I can’t explain my feelings about Sundowns but what i can say is that , whenever we lose the game i find it difficult to copy with that sometimes i cry . Sky will always be a limit

  7. Wow where can I start ? This team is the most important part of life . I love sundowns so much even my mom is worried that I won’t find a wife because of the love I have for sundowns . My blood is Yellow . Whenever we lose, I can’t eat or sleep . Sundowns is my happiness. This is my pride and my life . I love sundowns because sundowns represents the most important element in my life : never give up .

  8. The main reason I fell in love with mamelodi Sundowns was that time of Bra Stanley ‘screamer’ tshabalala that time we were playing shoe shine and piano the samba boys…. They style of play is one othe best in the continent is the consistency team that play carpet football even today Sundowns is still playing the carpet football where we don’t relly on the strikers to score for the team.

  9. I love Mamelodi Sundowns deep down in my heart .even if they win o loose nothing changes love i have for my team.i always says i married to Kabuyeĺow even my little sister mom and my nephew they sundowns supporters just because of me.Sundowns is the best team any team would wish to be like Sundowns.
    Kabuyellow till death do us apart

  10. Yooo lord have mercy I love mamelodi sundowns more than the word love it’s self when ever this team its on the field I get goosebumps in every game close or far I always wear my t shirt 👕 and my car the flag it’s flying everywhere I call my self official number one supporter thank you

  11. Sundowns is a best team in south africa soil i remember the BP cup when they play with Chiefs it was amazing shoe shine an piano zane moosa chipa masinga bennent mguni i can metion more that was my game i have enjoyed in my life. The sjy is the limit. We moved to africa we congure africa an we brought the cup under pits mosimane an manxoba mnchithi i love my team with all my heart.

  12. My Girlfriend always says to me “Mamelodi Sundowns is your first lover and I am the second I know”. Am like no baby you come first.

  13. I love mamelodi sundowns because of their culture in football like those teams in Europe
    I love mamelodi sundowns due to their coach pitiso mosimane
    I love mamelodi sundowns due to their kits mostly the new one from puma
    I love mamelodi sundowns as a fun
    I love mamelodi sundowns because is a team wants to win trophies not just to participating
    I love mamelodi sundowns because of their system of play on the pitch
    I like mamelodi sundowns because are ever smart on the pitch and off the pitch
    mamelodi sundowns my team

  14. i was started to support a Mamelodi Sundowns in young age it was called double action Mamelodi Sundowns its was in 1980’s i never looked back because was only was only team was playing shoe shine carpets football, my love of Sundowns still the same even today and i never support anyteam than the Brazilians boys,Kabu Yellow Masandawa👆👆

  15. Seriously on my journey with sundowns it began when i was just a minnor when we were still having the likes of Godfrey Sapula , peter ndlovu , brian Baloyi , those guys the made me to love sundowns, style of play, the patience , the joy the players gave to us, its absoulutely amazing i have been in journey wth sundowns for more than 18 years now to me its like a pill you if am having some work stress when the boys begin to play in a match i forget all i am going through i love this team with all my heart… i they lose sometimes i can go to bed without eating just , trying to figure out where we went wrong…

  16. I love Mamelodi Sundowns FC because is the team with visions and the style of play it makes me happy thts why if wee loose the game i don’t even sleep at night .

  17. I’ve been in love with this team since the era of Sam Kambhule,Zane Moosa, Ernest ChirwalI and the list goes on, thank you Zola Mahobe for the foundation laid , the roots are strong comes rain, wind and storm. All the way from Namibia 🔥🔥🔥

  18. I love Sundowns too much because it plays Good football and represent us well in Africa big up ka bo yellow 👆❤️❤️⚽

  19. I really love ❤️Sundowns wholeheartedly lose or draw I am a diehard fan of KBY win it’s a bonus to name Sundowns and the logo of the team it’s more than enough winning trophies or relegated my heart n blood is Yellow bad or good times I will still rise 👆👆👆

  20. I love Sundowns coz they give youngsters a chance to play for a big club like Sundown & they’re game of style. & it unites Africa coz they have different African players & players form outside Africa .

    #KBY 👆👆👆💙💛💚

  21. I love Sundowns wholeheartedly lose or draw I am a diehard fan of KBY, win it’s a bonus to me , only the name Mamelodi Sundowns and the team logo it’s more than enough to me winning trophies 🏆 or relegation I will always shout minwanwa phezulu 👆👆👆 bafana bastyle ama brazillian KBY my heart or blood is yellow it’s a calling a blessed to me to support Sundowns

  22. I love Sundowns more than any other South African team because when they play they give me footballing orgasms.

  23. Since I was 12 years my father tell the way how football goes he mentioned few teams here I RSA but him he chose sundowns so from till now am 35 years am still member of this team and no matter how things are going well to our team or worse am still the member and I love 100% in my life peoples they can talk but never give up. thanks.

  24. The love Mamelodi Sundowns because they play collectively as a team with a common goal of winning.
    The Club value the entire staff as well as players and i strongly believe they are well taken care of. And lastly i love the fairness, ĺoyalty and the consistency of the club perfomances.

  25. I love yellobone (Sundowns) because we play interesting carpet football, we dominate Africa, we’re caring about players and supporters, we play together, we win together and we lose together that makes us a family that has Ubuntu- Botho.

  26. I loved Mamelodi Sundowns since I was young, The management is always on point when coming to get players and coaching stuff. The PUMA, VW and Hyundai sponsorship makes me love sundowns more

  27. The reason I Love Mamelodi Sundowns FC the way the build the success under deference Management it success it show they respect the tradition of the Club during Zola time People said because of money under Natasha Tsichl still said is money and even now they still saying is because of money the something special about this team 🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾

  28. The reason I Love Mamelodi Sundowns FC the way the build the success under deference Management it success it show they respect the tradition of the Club during Zola time People said because of money under Natasha Tsichl still said is money and even now they still saying is because of money the something special about this team 🤞🏾🤞🏾

  29. I Love Sundowns it was my team ever since young watching Pele Cartoons on SABC 2 and Mamelodi Sundowns i thought Pele was Daniel Mudau because they looked alike with the Pele Cartoon my team that Has brought Change in our African teams

  30. I Love Sundowns it was my team ever since young watching Pele Cartoons on SABC 2 and Mamelodi Sundowns i thought Pele was Daniel Mudau because they looked alike with the Pele Cartoon my team that Has brought Change in our Africa

    1. As much a I love Sundowns … Even if we get a loss …I can’t even eat whole

      Am base at KZN … All games that take place in KZN I attended all off them …

      Auger ray stadium X2 … Telkom semi final & Absa Premiership first leg

      Moses Mabhida stadium X2 Telkom final & Absa Premiership against itshudeni

      Sundowns is my no1 team in the whole world

  31. When it comes to MAMELODI sundowns guys i dont wanna lie to yu.sundowns is like my wife to be honest i feel pain when we loose or draw i feel like my heart is not pumping anymore.i dont eat when we loose bcz i m addicted to MAMELODI sundowns now.u can check my Instagram yu will see that i m MAMELODI sundowns fan for sure i love MAMELODI sundowns 👆👆👆👆👆👆 9th times champions caf champions

  32. MAMELODI sundowns:i love my MAMELODI the team is like my wife.when it comes to MAMELODI sundowns i dont wanna hear anything bcz m now addicted i dont even eat when they loose or draw bcz i feel pain into my heart and at sametime i just go to sleep bcz i will be in pain for sure.👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆
    I LOVE MAMELODI sundowns

    My name knowledge gumbo
    Cell phone:0677011344
    Address: tembisa Difateng/sophia town
    House number 142
    Size of the shirt medium.

    Thanx in advance guys 🙏

  33. From back home in Zimbabwe…was watching Mamelodi Sundowns playing especially against Soweto teams Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates. I remember my first Jersey was back in 2007 the Diadora one… that was my first Jersey I purchased with my first pay here in South Africa kkkk. I still have the Jersey… the only brand which brings the best team Barcelona in Africa….and the first team to have the player who was playing in EPL in England Peter Ndlovu. Mamelodi Sundowns is the real brand in Africa.

  34. I love the yellow nation the team cant dissapoint you we are fighting until last game every season love kabo yellow keep promoting our future like mkhulise,magalwa,madisha,mkhuma our future is bright kabo yellow

  35. I love mamelodi sundowns because it is the only team among the big three, that play a good football and even dominate positions, not forgetting that it is the only team that put trust in players despite their age. The sky is the limit

  36. 😊Wow my love for the team is beyond. I was at a lowest point in my life I didn’tknow what to do. I was introduced to a Sundowns branch I had given up in life was rejected and going through the most. Sundowns for me is like therapy. My love for Sundowns is contagious to my family and friends.

  37. I love my team Mamelodi Sundowns with my whole heart I don’t even my food when we lost ..This team am talking about are stars of Africa go Masandawana and make us proud even in this year..#Kabo Yellow 👆

  38. I love Mamelodi Sundowns 100%.
    I started supporting it since 2009 – 06 – 21
    Pianoo pianoo shoe shine. Masandawana kabo yellow. Much love.
    I love mamelodi sundowns holehearterly because it never disappoint me oftenly they do mistake once that’s why my heart is on Mamelodi sundowns each and everyday it is the best team in PSL also in Africa they fight so hard to reach semifinals every year ilove you sundowns!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Since 1990 while at primary school I have supported any team except masandawana as a winning team. I’m Sundowns in whatever I do, home, work, church and socially. I live and dream of Sundowns. My life is Sundowns. I love Sundowns kakhulu kakhulu . Kaboyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellow

  40. I lov my team mamelodi sundwns the way dey ply at sundwns we re family I wish my team to take 2019-2020 league cup n nedbank good luck masandawana

  41. I love Mamelodi Sundowns with all my heart because is the team i grew up watching the most because my dad is supporting it, so he will buy me sundowns trucksuit and jersy so that where i develop love from sundowns and their style of football is unique and that is why i love it most.

  42. I love this team so much and every season i try all my best 2 get Sundowns FC t-shirt ,even now am wanting 4 weekend game n get our league cup kaboyeeeeeeeeellow

  43. (simply often known as Sundowns) is a South African professional football club based in Mamelodi in Tshwane in the Gauteng province that plays in the Premier Soccer League, the first tier of South African football league system. Founded in the 1960s, the team plays its home games in the Loftus Versfeld Stadium.f

    Bafana Ba style ,Manyora a shoe shine it is also our will for u guys to win every game guys ,😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘 one love

  44. I stated to follow Mamelodi sundowns since 1998 under the leadership of the late Ted Dimitru ( may his soul rest in peace. I cant foget the game btn Sundowns vs Kaiser chiefs it was a big game for Rothmans cup final, the boys were so committed to that team, the likes of fire masilela, Chales Mothloi, Daniel Mudau, Alex buns Bapela etc. It was so lovely to watch my team. Even during the leadership of Paul Doleza gave us Rothmans cup. Three times in a row psl title it was so wow to us as fans of this team. All the coaches and players in the era of tchiclass family were so marvelous to watch . Then here come the maffia the master of football motsepe wow. I was so in love with Mamelodi sundowns bt after Motsepe came in board I love more and more this team. What can I say psl champions in 2005-2006 season and 2006-2007 season was so grate under the leadership of Neil tovey and Miguel Gamondy as co-op coaches and under the leadership of Gorden Igusend. Real I love this team. Generation after generation produce good results. Then in 2012 here it comes the special one Pitso Mosimane who can fogert sundowns lift the champions league trophy in 2016 wow. Up untill now since Pitso became our couch we won 4 psl titles, 2 Nedbank cup, 2 telkom cup , champions league and super cup. I love this team more than anything because it brings me a joy. Long live Sundowns Long live!!!!!!!!

  45. I started to follow Mamelodi Sundowns during the times of Mampush Modau. Since from that time I have fall in love with the yellow nation till this present day. Since our president Mr Motsepe take over we have experienced changes that makes me to be pround of the yellow nation. Kabo yellow till I die. Love you yellow nation.

  46. I luv mamelodi sundowns

    I fell In love with sundowns in the 90s, I think it was iwisa maize meal when we beat kaizer chiefs I was still a young boy then, my family was dominated by chiefs supporters so the peer pressure was for me to support chief, but on the that day I saw sundowns playing I was amazed by the style of football the way they mesmerized their opponents damm… I tell u I was in love, i never looked back ever since… Lol to the disappoiment of my family of cause… “yellow till the end”

  47. Born and bred in mamelodi, i think i started supporting mamelodi aundowns while i was still on my mother’s womb because she’s a big mamelodi sundowns suporter so she used to take me to the stadium, i think thats where the love started up until now m stll deeply in love with mamelodi sundowns.

  48. Mamelodi Sundowns is the love of my life. Against all odds I remain Sandawana. I was born to support Sundowns and that’s the reason I love ka Bo yellow with all my might.

  49. I love sundowns wholeheartedly back then between 1989 and 1990 I use to walk from my village to the village in order to watch my team playing quite a long distance (9 km)
    Their style,colours and discipline.

    I will never stop suppoering sundowns even in difficult times.K.B.Y

  50. My blood is yellow best team in mzansi,Only team in Africa got chance to play agaist Barcelona best team that make shampain pass I love my team wen we playing during the week I normally go to the doctor and get a sick note so I can go to the stadium that is the way I love my team.o lerato laka sundowns o thabisa maikutlo aka geke bogetse

  51. The way I love sundowns I always make sure when they play home games and when they play around JHB I go watch them live…. The love I have runs through my blood vessel’s

  52. I love the new downs Jersey because it reminds me of the good golden days when we had the likes of khama,percy,dolly,zungu etc

  53. Ilove mamelody Sundowns this team is in my vains I feel like im living for the team and sometimes when they lose i feel the pain i don’t don’t eat,i love Mamelody Sundowns👆👆 i m the yellow nation I’m Mamelody sundowns👆👆👆

  54. I love Mamelodi Sundowns with all of my heart and always watch the game…never miss a single game…even before lockdown I was watching Mamelodi Sundowns live matches….so I love mamelodi sundowns so much

  55. I love Mamelodi Sundowns because it fights my battles it makes my colleagues to respect me my neighbours hoot at me my learners raise their fingers 👆 at me. I love it because it doesn’t disappoint.

  56. I love Mamelodi Sundowns because of its never give up spirit.Win,lose or draw they still hold their temper that’s what makes them a great club in its a game of lose,draw or win,so even in losing time they still keep fighting never getting tired that’s what makes it a great team.Mamelodi Sundowns players,coach,and entire team it consists of humble people and they have one agenda taking the team up.The spirit of everyone working together in the team makes them achieved great trophy. I love you Mamelodi you have still a lot to bring cox you’re compable of doing wonders.

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