Venezia FC 20/21 Home and Away Shirts released

Venezia Football Club have launched their new 2020/21 Nike home and away shirts for next season.

A fully custom kit in which the arancioneroverdi colours are boldly emphasized, with the thick horizontal hoops filling the home shirt in equal proportions. On the chest, Nike has restyled the Venezia FC lettering this season to create a more modern look.

As an added detail, each home shirt features a serial number that indicates its uniqueness. Finally, the back of the shirt is characterized by an orange-black-green mesh insert embellishment. At the height of the neck is the acronym VFC.

In contrast to the home shirt, the away shirt has a more minimal body, with three horizontal bands of the club’s classic anancio-nero-verde colours on white.

A soft, black collar, with a single button, makes the new away shirt distinctive. The collar is a stylish nod to the past, yet still fitting to the times. Across the chest, Nike developed a custom lettering for the “Venezia FC” name. The back of the jersey is characterized with a mesh insert.

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