Kaizer Motaung explains why Kaizer Chiefs hired Gavin Hunt

Kaizer Chiefs chairman Kaizer Motaung has explained why the club hired Gavin Hunt to be their head coach ahead of the 2020/21 season.

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“We looked at our situation and our needs before deciding on Gavin,” Motaung told the club’s official website.

“He brings with him an abundance of experience, having coached about fives teams in the Premiership. There is success wherever he has coached.

“Given that the Covid-19 epidemic has forced us to finish the season in the bio-bubble and that the squad will only rest for two weeks before the players return for pre-season, we needed a coach who understands the local market and conditions.

“We believe that with Hunt we have brought in a person with the right experience and energy to do just that.

“Playing on the continent is key for us as we haven’t done as well as we should have. We have players who have participated in the competition and this experience should certainly be to our advantage.

“The other thing I have always emphasised is the need for coaches to equip themselves with the requisite knowledge. The game has changed and become much more scientific.

“We know Gavin always endeavours to learn more about the game by attending courses both locally and overseas. This knowledge will come in handy to guide our team. We are looking forward to him sharing his experience with the team.”

12 thoughts on “Kaizer Motaung explains why Kaizer Chiefs hired Gavin Hunt

  1. I think Gavin is a good coach for Chiefs provided that He receives the support and freedom to implement what He feels is Best for the club. If this is as it should be then Chiefs can expect success and a return to The Glory Days

  2. Welcome coach Hunt! We thank you Mr Motaung. Please take away Bobby from the team, get someone who has a respect of fans and the whole team. Not to think for himself if we need a successful team even in Africa

  3. As long as Bobby ensures coach gets the players he want and he (Bobby) stays away from the coaches work we will be ok. Bobby should not be allowed in the field.

  4. Very good move taking into account the coaches we have hired in the previous seasons, Hunt will mostly definitely deliver all we have to do is rally behind him and that the chairman gets him the right players for the team, the current squad needs to be restructured.

  5. I think he will deliver the good results and chop the dead wood we only need those who can die for the team…..we have been a laughing for a long time and that need to be stopped….and please management stop interference with the coach let him decide…..

  6. Welcome to Gavin.
    Please note that there are players in there who are not hungry anymore. You have to deal with the ‘senior player’ mentality.
    Please remove Parker from the team. He is poison to, to start with, Khama. As long as Parker is kept next to Khama, the latter will never be free to express himself. So please help Khama that he can end his career on a high note.

  7. We do understand as supporters that Bra K have done a wonderful job for our beloved team,as years are going by i will be happy for the young Kaizer Motaung takes the club to the next level.Bra K cannot continue always in running this team ,he need to assist were he can and enjoy his retirement in a lot of peace.We want the Chairman to write his own book how he suffered to put Chiefs to where it is today and some of the coming generation will learn a lot from that expirience.Gavin Hunt is the correct choice for our beloved team he will also build it to be more stong and diciplined, he will also restore the lost pride of the team.Siphiwe Tshabalala need to be brought back with 16V assist with development of young ones.

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