Olympique Marseille drop 3 PUMA ‘OM Africa’ lifestyle jerseys

Olympique Marseille has launched three PUMA ‘OM Africa’ lifestyle jerseys featuring the flags of several African countries. The club said the move was meant to pay tribute to the continent through its ‘OM Africa’ label.

The links between OM and Africa have always been very strong. Many players from Africa have worn the Olympian jersey with success which has allowed Marseille to increase its notoriety in the Maghreb but also in Western Africa.

“Three lifestyle jerseys in support of the ‘OM Africa’ program to bring together and unite Marseille supporters by paying tribute to the multicultural richness of the city and to the club’s historic roots on the African continent.

“They (the jerseys) incorporate the emblematic colors of the country they represent with a predominance of red for Morocco, green and orange for Côte d’Ivoire, and green and yellow for Senegal. On the sleeve, we find the official badge of the label OM Africa, said Olympique Marseille.

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