Introducing the new adidas Copa Sense+ Inner Life FG football boots

Feel the game and elevate your play wearing adidas Copa Sense+ Inner Life FG football boots in Core Black/White/Gold Metallic, featuring a limited edition “Inner Life” design showcasing the revolutionary tech behind the Copa’s pure touch.

The adidas Copa Sense takes ball feel to the next level, using nextgen foam to improve your control in every respect.

Sensepods at the heel fill the natural cavities of the foot, creating a truly anatomical fit that heightens the connection between mind, body, and ball. It’s not barefoot – it’s even better. Then, at the forefoot, Touchpods on the medial and lateral side absorb impact forces when receiving the ball and allow you to dribble away with pinpoint precision. Imagine the kinds of moves you can pull off when your touch is literally perfect.

The upper is premium leather, of course, and has again undergone the Fusionskin treatment for a seamless construction that reduces water uptake, making sure you stay light on your feet in any conditions.

Further improving fit, small cutouts at the instep see Primeknit take charge, allowing the boot to adapt to your individual foot shape while maintaining lockdown.

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